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About Tokenomica

Tokenomica is going to offer 1% of tokenized equity in order to raise 70 BTC in the Main round with the minimum investment of 0.01 BTC
Trading of TKN Securities will be available in 2020. See Roadmap.

Public Pre-Sale Round
100% Completed. 30 BTC Raised.

Public PreSale round
23 Valuation*,
mln €
1% Equity
30 BTC
0,3 0,01 % Price
in BTC
Main round
54 Valuation*,
mln €
1% Equity
70 BTC
0,7 0,01 % Price
in BTC
*Valuation is counted upon the perception that bitcoin price is 7700€

Expected valuation growth is based on new partnerships

We are already onboarding 7 corporate clients, which will be announced before the Main Sale. One of our future partnerships will be the tokenization of Eurobonds worth $10 million for one of the major bond issuers in Europe.

Valuation progress

Based on our financial model

Tokenomica mission

Tokenomica covers all the needs of securities issuers and investors.

  • Here is a little video presentation about our platform!

  • The platform is completely automated and user‑friendly. No programming skills required.

    Find out more in our blog
  • Platform combines legal compliance, investor protection, brokerage and insured custody with simple, secure, transparent operations and access to global liquidity of the secondary market.

    Find out more in our blog

Tokenomica core

At the core of the platform lies an entirely new asset class — smart security, which combines the legal essence of traditional securities (e. g. shares and bonds) with the cutting‑edge distributed ledger technology.

The platform is up and running.
Try it yourself!

What Tokenomica focuses on

€ 225 300 000 000

Firstly Tokenomica focuses on EU private capital market of €225 bln. est in 2018.

However, private capital market infrastructure has not developed greatly till now — it's still in the Stone Age

Crowdinvesting 0,8 %
Private Placement Market 8,7 %
Private Equity 90,5 %

What Tokenomica provides

Blockchain VC

Simultaneously, in 2018, blockchain‑related companies raised more than $5 billion in VC investment globally — up from $1 billion in the previous year.

Deal count
Capital Invested ($B)

Invest like venture capitalists — become the driving force of Tokenomica!

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Unique advantages

  • Community-driven securities

    Projects that raise capital on Tokenomica have a loyal community. Their customers are willing to become more engaged in a product’s life by purchasing securities

  • Highly customizable smart securities

    Set key characteristics of your smart security yourself: equity or debt, transferability settings, voting rights, conversion opportunities, private or public, can be bought in one or multiple currencies, minimum investment amount, target, time limits. No programming skills required.

  • Combining services for a seamless experience

    Get full legal support and advisory services, convert crypto to fiat and automate technical processes using just one account

  • Support during the whole lifecycle of security

    Security issuance is just the beginning. Distribute and/or receive dividends or coupon payments, vote and stay tuned on updates

Tokenomica Team


Neufund Securitize Tokenomica Polymath Templum
Business Core Platform for issuing of security tokens Provides a technological solution for conducting STO Platform for issuing and trading of security tokens Provides a technological solution for conducting STO Provides a technological solution for conducting STO
Marketplace for investors? Yes No Yes No Yes
Target Market EU market US market EU market US market US Market
Financial Model Success fee for projects Commission for projects Success fee for projects, traiding and custody fees Fixed fee for projects Commission for projects
Secondary Market for issued securities No No To be fully enabled No No
Technology and Blockchain Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum gas fees Ethereum, Tezos, and other blockchains Waves blockchain, no gas Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum gas fees Private blockchain (Symbiont)
Bridge from Crypto market? Ability to invest in EUR and ETH only No own exchange planned; currencies received for investment are limited by the issuer Own decentralized regulated crypto-to-fiat exchange, ability to invest in crypto and fiat No own exchange planned; currencies received for investment are limited by the issuer No own exchange planned; currencies received for investment are limited by the issuer

Based on
WAVES Blockchain

Waves blockchain functions without gas ? Gas is an additional fee to pay miners for transaction processing. The amount of Gas depends on complexity of operations in transaction and should be limited by the one, sending transaction. Fee in Waves blockchain is fixed and is always known in advance. , which reduces transactions costs.
The platform provides various instruments for developers, making the adoption easier.

Tokenomica allows investors to enter early‑stage investments and compliant decentralized security trading, and businesses — to easily attract capital and automate their back office.

Alexander Ivanov, WAVES CEO and Founder


Launch of the first Regulated Decentralized Exchange
Smart Securities
Smart Securities
October — December
PreSale round
End of Year
Partnership with one of the major issuers of bonds in Europe
First Quarter
Smart Securities
Main Round
End of Year
Break-even point

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  • How will the collected funds be used?

    The collected funds will be used by Tokenomica for 2 major purposes:

    Marketing & Sales: promotional activities to increase our brand exposure, product awareness, and attract new clients and partners to the platform. Along with that, Tokenomica, as an ecosystem for tokenized assets, requires successful tokenization use cases. Successful use cases will create mainstream interest among potential issuers of tokenized assets and potential investors. By conducting its own campaign, Tokenomica plans to be one of many successful use cases.

    Development: a substantial part of the investment will be allocated to further product development.

  • How is offering structured legally?

    The offering is structured as a subscription for Tokenized Equities of Nominee TKN OÜ, the Company which currently holds 1% of preferred shares in Tokenomica OÜ.

    Tokenomica OÜ is the main company of Tokenomica Group and holds Tokenomica trademark and the software for the operational activities of Tokenomica’s solutions and products. Both are private companies incorporated under the laws of Estonia.

    The offering is divided into two parts - private investors are able to participate directly in Tokenomica OÜ, while investors in the public rounds acquire indirect holdings through Nominee TKN OÜ, as mentioned above.

  • How can I profit from investing in Tokenomica?

    There are 2 ways you can profit from investing in Tokenomica:

    Dividend payments: 1,5% of Tokenomica’s profits will be paid to all investors;
    Capital gain: additionally to dividend payments, investors are entitled to receive 1% of the overall price of Tokenomica pro-rata in case of the sale of the company: through additional public investment rounds with an updated valuation, through venture capital funding or private rounds.

  • Are there any investor protection mechanisms?

    Sure, the offered instrument is the actual equity and the same level of regulatory protection applies as with the traditional offering. Prior to the purchase of smart equities, you will need to sign the subscription agreement which covers all rights and obligations of both the issuer and investor.

  • Investors from which countries will be able to become a shareholder?

    Each investor registered on Tokenomica will be able to become an investor. The registration process on the platform includes the KYC verification. Currently, investors from the following countries cannot use the platform.

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